Inktober Day 4

“What does a fox….with nine tails got to do with hunger?” I hear you ask. Let me explain.

I was thoroughly uninspired this morning and I drew something boring and blah and I shared it. Then while I was cleaning out my hard drive I spotted the wonderful show “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”

Have you watched the show? If you have then you’ll have understood immediately. If you haven’t then I can’t make you understand. But let me try.

A Gumiho is a nine tailed foxin Asian  mythology. It’s usually a she(?) and is supposed to be very…..foxy (sorry). Smart and conniving it is said to be dangerous. And it’s also supposed to be very beautiful when in human form.

It’s also supposed to have the appetite of a warrior. So. In the show, the boy who meets this girl wonders why she eats so much and is still always hungry. Later when he finds out she’s a Gumiho he understands(and completely freaks out but that’s not the point).

Et voilà. The hunger prompt has a sketch I’m happy with.

Available for purchase on Redbubble.

Items used:

  1. Pigma brush pen
  2. Brustro pen
  3. Camlin ink in orange
  4. Camlin ink in black

If you want to see the previous drawing I did check it out on my Instagram.


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