Cutting Chai 

Cutting Chai. For those wondering what cutting Chai is, it’s regular spiced chai but the flavour is supposed to be so strong that it’s only served in half glasses. So yes this is more than half a glass but then I always like my Chai strong. (Btw there’s no such thing called Chai tea. Since chai means tea it’s like saying tea tea. Please don’t say Chai tea. Haha) 

Note: about the “bubbles” around the top, I really should have avoided doing that with the black pen. But I’m using dry technique paper and the watercolour kept fading and blending in. So I got frustrated and made a mistake. Oh well. Live and learn! 

Tools used 

  1. Dry technique sketchbook 
  2. Pebeo watercolours
  3. Micron 0.8
  4. Brustro 0.1
  5. White gel pen
  6. Pencil 

That’s it. Do you like the sketch? 


13 thoughts on “Cutting Chai 

      1. Well chai is basically tea. This particular chai tastes like a stronger version of what westerners think Chai tastes like. With cardamon an ginger. A spiced tea that’s perfect for a sore throat.


      2. I don’t know if you’ll find it there. But check for Masala Chai there. It should taste like cutting Chai I guess. I’ve not had English high tea unless it’s the same thing as earl grey. Which I adore.


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